Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission (JJDPC)

The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission (JJDPC) is a volunteer organization comprised of members who are residents within San Bernardino County. The JJDPC is a state mandated commission, established through the provisions of Sections 225 and 233 of the Welfare and Institutions Code. The commission consists of no less than seven and no more than 15 volunteer members, including two youth members. The commissioners are sworn in and appointed by the Presiding Juvenile Court Judge.

Commission members devote their time and energy to participate in coordinating activities designed to prevent juvenile delinquency. Each year, as mandated by the law, JJDPC Commissioners conduct annual inspections of facilities or areas where youth are temporarily detained. Commissioners also inspect the Juvenile Detention and Assessment Centers of the County.

Each Fall, an Annual Recognition of Service to Youth Awards ceremony is hosted by the JJDPC. This event provides recognition and acknowledgement of individuals, organizations, and corporations throughout San Bernardino County who have made significant contributions on behalf of our youth in the community.

The following were honored in 2023:

Steve Filson:

Retired San Bernardino Police Officer Steve Filson serves as Secretary for the non-profit organization, Victims of Illicit Drugs (V.O.I.D.), whose mission is to bring to the public’s attention, through education, awareness and legislative advocacy, the immediate danger of sudden death associated with the use of illicit drugs, in particular Fentanyl, and other emerging synthetic analogs. Filson speaks publicly, sharing his personal experience of losing his daughter, Jessica, to Fentanyl. He has partnered with the Department of Behavioral Health to promote the media campaign, “Fentanyl Doesn’t Care…But We Do” and he is also a guest instructor for the County’s Crisis Intervention Training program educating first responders on the lifesaving use of Narcan. Filson is passionate in his mission to educate youth, their families and the community about Fentanyl and the deadly consequences it brings.

Raul Castro:

Probation Officer II Raul Castro is assigned to the Probation Department’s Youth Justice Center. Officer Castro’s focus is working with youth who have a record of firearm possession. Although he teaches weapons diversion classes and works closely with parents and youth, he facilitates Child and Family Team Meetings (CFTMs) for youth, families, and supportive adults identified by the youth to promote safety, permanency planning, and well-being for youth. During a one-year period, Officer Castro facilitated more than fifteen CFTMs, made various referrals for youth and families to resources and services, and assisted with the confiscation of fifty-one firearms from youth. While providing direct intervention, Castro counsels and mentors the youth he serves, seeking to deter youth from engaging in gun related violence.

The Hamilton Essentials Foundation, Inc.:

The Hamilton Essentials Foundation, Inc., provides programs and support for transitional aged youth & young adults. Terrance and Monette Hamilton started their non-profit foundation to provide programs that support positive mental health through the arts, leadership development, community organization, community advocacy, youth empowerment, life skills, and academic programs that include reading, writing, mathematics, and science.
They create environments that foster unintimidating learning opportunities to underrepresented youth, young adults, and communities. They are fearless in their quest to challenge the norms of adultism that systematically discriminate against young people and advocate to make youth and their developmental needs a main priority. Their goal and life’s mission are to serve youth and their communities with sincerity and to strive for youth empowerment.

Angel Magallanes:

Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation (C.A.S.E.) Coordinator, Angel Magallanes, provides C.A.S.E. Outreach and Educational Meetings to the residents of San Bernardino County. She is present at community events to bring awareness to human trafficking. She has passionately presented to over fifteen hundred (1500) first responders through forty (40) in-person presentations. She consults on cases to provide guidance and resources and is the point of contact for local hospitals, schools, law enforcement, Federal Bureau Investigations (FBI), and Department of Homeland Security. She has also been working on two (2) statewide initiatives over the past five (5) years: Prevention Against Child Trafficking (P.A.C.T.) and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (C.S.E.C.) Action Team. C.A.S.E also partners with the San Bernardino County Sheriffs’ Department to host large human trafficking awareness events in January. Angel’s dedication and commitment to the mission goes above and beyond when it comes to human trafficking awareness.

Shaun Battle:

Shaun Battle is a Career Technology Education (C.T.E.) teacher for the Public Safety/Law Enforcement Academy (P.S.A.) pathway at San Bernardino High School. He provides knowledge of the law, the constitution, search and seizure, crime scenes, and many additional Public Safety procedures to his students. Mr. Battle sets a high standard in his classroom, and he expects the youth to behave in a business-like manner, to focus on learning, to collaborate with their peers, and to obey all school rules and code of conduct. He helps the students to see the importance of what they learn and how to apply it to real-life situations. In his spare time, he is also a member of the Ken Hubbs Foundation, which presents awards to student athletes in the greater San Bernardino area.
Mr. Battle supports his students in and out of the classroom. He has a tangible and huge impact on his students, their families, and the San Bernardino Community.

Anthony Polino:

Probation Officer III Anthony Polino is the senior officer to the Probation Department’s Juvenile Day Reporting Center Services which provides treatment services, classes, and prosocial activities to youth throughout the entire county. Through his infectiously positive attitude, Anthony organizes community service events, day camps, fishing trips, and enrichment programming for youth. Moreover, Anthony works tirelessly to build collaborative relationships with community partners including Young Visionaries, Operation New Hope, IE Rebound, County Schools, and Children’s Fund to ensure youth have the services necessary to assist in their rehabilitation.

JJDPC Contact information

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