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April 13, 2023
For Immediate Release

Board Awards Millions in Grants; Releases 3 RFPs

SACRAMENTO – (April 13, 2023) The Board of State and Community Corrections awarded millions of dollars in grants today for programs designed to help local governments mitigate the impacts of legal marijuana use and to support law enforcement programs designed to reduce recidivism and support reentry.

The Board also approved the release of Requests for Proposals for grants designed to reduce and prosecute retail theft and to publicize and to resolve cases involving missing indigenous people:

–The Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Grant Program will make $11.4 million available to federally recognized tribes to collect data, publicize and investigate cases. More information is available hereopens pdf file

–The Organized Retail Theft Prevention program will make $242 million available over three years to help local law enforcement prevent and investigate organized theft, motor vehicle or motor vehicle accessory theft, and cargo theft.

— The Organized Retail Theft Vertical Prosecution Grant programs make $28.5 million available across three years to assigned special prosecutors to follow through on the cases. More information is available hereopens pdf file

Proposition 64 legalized adult use of marijuana and established that a portion of the tax revenues from sales would come to the BSCC as the Public Health and Safety Grant Program. The five-year grants are for mitigations such as eradicating illegal grows, compliance monitoring, environmental remediation, and substance-use prevention. The Board awarded $93.7 million of $150 million available to the 39 jurisdictions whose applications met grant criteria. The remaining funding will roll over to the next round of funding. Summaries of the successful proposals are available hereopens pdf file

The Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant makes available to counties more than $47 million in federal funds to support recidivism-reducing court programs, drug treatment and enforcement programs and mental health and related law enforcement and corrections programs. The three-year grants are going to 29 counties for projects such as police activity leagues, pre-trial advocacy, and youth diversion programs. Summaries of funded projects are available hereopens pdf file

In other business: the Board awarded almost $18 million in competitive grant funding to 25 county probation departments so that they can buy vehicles and telecommunications equipment needed to serve people in the field lacking transportation to appointments. For a list of recipients click here:

San Bernardino County Probation Department-$1,253,000.00

The San County Probation Department will establish mobile probation service centers (“Centers”) to provide resources, particularly for those individuals unhoused and struggling to meet their probation requirements. The department plans to purchase vehicles, equipment, telecommunications and other technology needed to operate the Centers.

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