Juvenile Community Services Bureau

The Juvenile Community Services Bureau (JCSB) serves the community by working with youth who are involved in the early, middle, and late stages of the juvenile justice system. Its primary focus is to provide community supervision and intervention/prevention services, which include programming, pro-social activities and rehabilitative services to youth on Probation. These same services are also offered as a deterrent to those youth at risk of entering the juvenile justice system.

The JCSB oversees a host of units focused on supervision of youth, both in the home and in congregate care. Duties include processing paperwork for youth booked into the Juvenile Detention and Assessment Center, investigation reports, case management, supervision, programming, operating Day Reporting Centers (DRCs), placement, and aftercare services. At all service phases, the JCSB is focused on improving youth outcomes.

Regardless of a youth’s level of involvement in the system, JCSB staff remain committed to their role of nurturing and encouraging positive lifestyle changes and mentoring youth to make better decisions. Services are also available to families, which fosters a strong support system. The JCSB utilizes evidence-based treatment and supervision services as identified through validated assessment tools. JCSB efforts are aimed at minimizing recidivism and moving youth into a role of self-sufficiency.