Adult Community Services Bureau

The Adult Community Services Bureau (ACSB) is responsible for investigation reports for the Courts as well as adult supervision and case management services. The Adult Investigations Unit prepares Pre-Sentence Investigation reports and other documents for the Courts that assist judges in reaching appropriate dispositions. The Courts depend on Probation to provide detailed information regarding the circumstances of the offense, the background of the defendant, statements from victims, and other involved parties. An analysis of outcomes and a suitable recommendation to aid the courts in making sentencing decisions are also included.  

Once the court grants offenders formal Probation, mandatory supervision, or they are released on Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS), through the utilization of evidence-based treatment and validated assessment tools, an appropriate supervision level is determined for the offender. This coincides with the risk and needs assessment of the offender and a variety of supervision strategies are then utilized and provide a base for probation officers to offer individualized treatment referrals and a variety of services. Community supervision of probationers is provided through mediums including compliance checks, address verification, electronic monitoring, office appointments, drug testing, and service referrals such as housing, food, clothing, mental health care, homeless intervention or prevention, life skills, and vocational services.

Brent Martin

Deputy Chief Probation Officer