San Bernardino County Probation, Administration Building

The San Bernardino County Probation Department consists of six bureaus and two divisions, which work together to uphold our Mission and protect the community.

Administrative Services Bureau

The Administrative Services Bureau (ASB) provides a variety of centralized support services for the entire department that include: Probation Office Operations, Capital Improvement and Project Management, External Affairs, Research, Incident Management Team and the Training Division.

Adult Community Services Bureau

The Adult Community Services Bureau (ACSB) is responsible for investigation reports for the Courts as well as adult supervision and case management services.

Adult Specialized Services Bureau

The Adult Specialized Services Bureau (ASSB) is responsible for the investigation, supervision, and case management of adult offenders in a variety of targeted areas such as Orientation and Assessment, Mental Health, Treatment Courts, DUI, Domestic Violence, and Sex Offender.

ARISE Bureau

ARISE was developed as a result of the realignment of the Division of Juvenile Justice to the County. The Bureau is responsible for the secure housing, treatment, and educational/vocational needs of youth previously committed to the state; as well as the post release supervision of youth returning from the state and those who are released from a Secure Youth Treatment Facility.

Detention Corrections Bureau

The Detention Corrections Bureau (DCB) oversees the operation of all juvenile detention services, including The Central Valley Juvenile Detention and Assessment Center.

Juvenile Community Services Bureau

The Juvenile Community Services Bureau (JCSB) serves the community by working with youth who are involved in the early, middle, and late stages of the juvenile justice system.

Automated Services Division

The Automated Services Division provides the Department and its customers with infrastructure support and business solution analysis/development. Technical staff provide 24-hour support for the hardware and software needs of staff and customers across business lines.

Financial Services Division

The Financial Services Division is responsible for the organizational and administrative support functions that include: accounts payable, budgets, grants, legal, payroll/personnel, purchasing, and analytical units. Areas of concentration range from fiscal management to contract development and maintenance services.