Core Values


Service is listening and acting with empathy, which we pass along to others.  When we demonstrate a willingness to serve, we promote attitudes and behaviors such as empathy, self-awareness, and responsibility.  This is done through an unbiased positive regard for others, good listening skills, and self-confidence, which is how we serve and support our clients and the community.   


Integrity is doing what you know is right, all the time.  When you are committed to your deepest convictions, you can stand tall against temptation and become part of a promise to demonstrate integrity and hold others accountable as well.  If you are ever tempted, reach out to others instead of giving in. If you see someone else struggling with integrity, help them get back on the right path.  It is important to honor the public’s trust and make sure others do as well.


Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something else is more important than the fear.  Courage is not only manifested in a physical manner but also displayed in a moral way.  Just like regular courage, moral courage lies just beneath the surface, ready to be acted upon if we are willing to experience the vulnerability that comes with it.  Moral courage can be displayed by speaking the truth with confidence to all who you interact with.  All forms of courage are a choice and we must choose courage over comfort.      


Professionalism requires that everyone in our Department commits to continuous improvement as an individual and as an organization.  Our Department is only as strong as each individual member.  The more each person strives for excellence, the more our Department thrives. There is no stronger or more fundamental thread then our ability to work as a team. Differing opinions, viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences are the foundation of our strength.

Our Guiding Principles are a set of moral values that establish a framework for expected behavior and decision making. They include the following:

Collaboration is the process of two or more people or organizations, working together to complete a task or achieve a goal.  In this Department, we work together, with a client, with their family, and with other county or community agencies to create a strong path for success.  Our Department often collaborates for the good of the client and the community we serve.      


Excellence is greatness, the very best.  Excellence is never easy, it is a quality that is appreciated so highly because it is so hard to find.  Excellence exists in each of us, and excellence is achieved through training, persistence, and practice.  Excellence is achieved not only in a classroom setting but in all situations that you may find yourself in throughout the day.           

Professional Leadership

Professional Leadership is not about rank or title.  It can be taught and fostered.  A true leader can embrace this fact and encourage others to develop and use those gained abilities.  A true leader creates an environment of trust and openness that permits those around them to develop their own abilities.  Training and mentoring are an integral part of developing professional leadership because they can create opportunities to lead.

Best Practice

Best Practice is a method or technique that is better than other options because it produces improved results than those achievable by other means.  We are dedicated to using proven strategies and a balanced approach with proven outcomes.


Innovation is an idea that transforms into a practical reality through a product, concept, or combination of the two that produces growth. The most highly advanced systems, techniques and services are sought out and selected to incorporate into our Department.  We embrace creativity and strive to enhance the knowledge that what we pour into our staff will be reflected in what they offer.

Navigating Change

Navigating Change is based on the idea that our Department believes every person has the ability to grow and evolve.  We understand that based on prior circumstances or decisions, everyone deserves a second chance.  The San Bernardino County Probation Department is committed to providing these opportunities to our clients.  We strive to leave a lasting impression in the lives of those we serve by encouraging commitment to a lifestyle change.  Our Department is conscious of the individual needs of our clients and we dedicate ourselves to their success.  Navigating change has the potential to cause a positive ripple effect in our client’s lives as well as their families and the community.      


Diversity is the principle of having different elements; including different types of people, races, or cultures in a group or organization.  In our Department, we are as diverse as the population we serve.  Clients come into the justice system for many reasons and with different goals.   Our staff come to work at the San Bernardino County Probation Department with many different backgrounds, goals and ambitions. Our diversity helps us connect and find common ground by working together and keeping in mind the best interest of the clients and the people we serve. 

Our end goal is to protect the community and these principles should always serve as a reminder that we are the San Bernardino County Probation Department.